Tavonni takes care of painful migrations to new and future technologies, to enable the business of tomorrow.

What We Do

Tavonni helps organizations take advantage of the benefits of blockchain and adjacent technologies. Whether looking to create efficiency gains, to extend existing products and services to new clients or to completely reinvent an existing business model from the ground up.

Ride Share / Delivery App

Have an idea that has ride share capabilities? We have a ride share app you can use within weeks to make your Ride Share app happen sooner than you think.

Blockchain Voting

Want secure voting and decision making. Use our blockchain based voting platform with ease. Learn More...


Have an idea that needs messaging capabilities? We have a messenger app you can use within weeks to make your community communications happen sooner than you think.


Our developers use a unique mix of current technologies or develop their own to turn your idea into reality. Consult with us to help your business take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies to help you succeed.

Tavonni Crypto Wallet

Storage and security of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can sometimes be a hastle. NOW you can use the Tavonni Wallet to securely store your crypto offline. NO ACCOUNTS, NO PASSWORDS. You hold it. Its yours. Its as easy as tapping the card to your phone.

Tavonni Cards

Sign up to get cash back on all purchases

Load and reload your card via ACH/Direct Deposit

Top up cards with cash at retailers including CVS, Walgreens, and Dollar General

Use your card at over 55,000 ATMs nationwide, with no additional fee charged by Tavonni for withdrawals

Every time you swipe your card, you can receive awesome rewards or cash back. (Crypto rewards coming soon)


The best start for your business idea

Have an idea but not sure what technology to use or how to build it? Our creative developers will figure out the best technology for your idea. Get your Proof of Concept built and launch your product right away. Use our patent award winning team for a visually appealing and powerful presense.

Blockchain is the next disruptive technology. We can show you how to implement blockchain for your organization. Create your own innovation using the same technology that powers Bitcoin.